Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-02:

  • how often he uses pillows is amazing to me #
  • i guess the definition of split is different than i thought, at least per fox news: #
  • last day of the week for me, woot! #
  • @LindsayG only 2 of them i took, the rest were my friend. i actually didn’t take that many shots, and ones i did not so good #
  • @chockenberry there are ppl who like kenley? who talks back to gunn? who!? #
  • @DCTenor1 maybe he’s selling some sort of half cotton cloth named in honor of obama? #
  • my IEMs are killing me, i think i’m developing a blister from one. time to go back to foamie tips i guess #
  • 3rd private email acct for palin? sheesh #
  • interview palin #
  • my left monitor is low in the midrange. arg, don’t want to send them in for service. #
  • @ryanblock &@peterrojas, haha, just beign greedy (even though a day early) where’s that gdgt-cast? #
  • – 6 word memoirs. should be interesting, maybe after dfw, hodgman, i’ll read this. (via asylum) #
  • over/under on % of lines from tonight’s debate verbatim on snl this weekend, 35% #
  • @peterrojas & @ryanblock dont sweat the DRM roundtable, ppl listening would/should know #

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