Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-06:

  • – Tonight’s dinner #
  • totally and completely lost motivation to edit some video and pictures tonight #
  • @peterrojas do you have a profile that you (publicly) share? #
  • does this represent a low in american culture? bh chihuahua = #1 movie? #
  • itunes can’t find the disk for wifey’s iphone, restore!!! #
  • @tsella it’s loaded and updated, but while elements (add user exit) can be highlighted nothing can be executed. so i can’t add user or exit #
  • gonna be a good week. yes it is. i’m calling it. #
  • ugh, my IEMs def have to go for service, left monitor is very weak on the mids #
  • i had no idea that the guy who plays ando on heroes was korean. #
  • bored out of my mind at work #
  • can i make it? somehow i will, but sheesh. #
  • argh, i cannot stop picking at/biting/cutting my cuticles. fingertips are a hot mess. perhaps my biggest bad habit #
  • reading up on breaking bad habits, being hardheaded, i think i’m just going to cold turkey will power it #
  • @ayn dope #
  • goals set for today: (1) stop biting nails/cuticles, (2) cut down to 2 cups of coffee/day, (3) get in shape… #
  • i should just drop caffeine altogether, but i love coffee #
  • retweeting @javabeans hahah #
  • flickr recommends infinite flickr, holds my attention for a nice minute. #
  • there’s a good chance i’m going to have a 3 day weekend each and every weekend this month #
  • @danbenjamin nice dan, nice! #
  • @meaganfisher much more ambitious than my: no biting fingernails, get in shape, reduce caffeine goals i set today #

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