Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-07:

  • is there a hide skitch kbd shortcut? #
  • january jones is gorgeous. as is the entire cast of mad men #
  • atv is infinitely more useful with xmbc/boxee, though same as ps3 using unpnp to connect to macbook, so not that much better than ps3 #
  • but still very nice to have and use. #
  • @LindsayG haha, just watched too. i have done that non-newtonian liquid experiment before! #
  • even not visually great movies have to be on bluray, SD dvd is hard to watch. #
  • i thought itunes could “convert” things for iphone viewing #
  • replacing coffee per 2 hours and nail/cuticle biting with gum today. i used to chew gum like a madman, one vice for another i guess #
  • still having coffee, just limiting to 2-3 total per day #
  • @jkottke keep faith in the show as you might start really disliking s2 (many did), but s3 is awesome #
  • so incredibly tired. feel my 2-3 cups of coffee limit is in jeopardy! #
  • slowest day #
  • @LindsayG even better are the related vids, a whole subculture of ukelele covers i had no idea existed #
  • @LindsayG no joke, i’ve been sucked into the ukelele cover world!!!! #
  • @LindsayG haha, so much so I want a uke! #
  • 90% over my ukelele obsession #
  • and i feel sickly from my abp lunch (would’ve been better off starving) #
  • eyeball game from buzzfeed #
  • @LindsayG all of those “i’ve only been playing a month or two” makes me feel like i could pick up the uke, but i think i’ll hold off #
  • @LindsayG f’in uke love/want is back up to like 80% #
  • @LindsayG hm i was a choir kid for many many years a few years of voice training piano and violin (long forgotten) lessons now karaoke only #
  • @LindsayG i love candy corn (though not many share taht love), but even though the same thing, i don’t like the kind with brown, YOW only! #
  • @ayn @sidneylo i doubt i’ll ever grow out my hair again, just too easy buzzed #

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