Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-10:

  • @lindsayg check out this retweet from @JennKim this is some hilarious stuff #
  • @JennKim i’m sitting on the sofa laughing out loud watching this. (= #
  • @kristenking i could never do BC, just seems like incredible inconvenience to have to shut down. #
  • @kristenking monty the mini schnaz is on a diet too! he’s a friggin sausage lately #
  • @JennKim it’s greatness, it’s at least 45 min of work tomorrow seeking out more vids of the sort #
  • michael scott tackle hug… haha #
  • jebus, amy ryan has to be one of the most verstile actors out there (wire, gone baby gone, the office) sheesh #
  • casey wilson suxxors #
  • SNL weekend update thursday. yeah that name is not so good #
  • @JillFehr i, like almost everyone, can’t stand kenley, but derivative or not, she was better in this last challenge. still can’t stand her #
  • @holycool you like the weapon food stuff, via @slashfood #
  • “Not even the presidency is worth what it’s made John McCain do to himself.” from esquire endorsement of obama #
  • @LindsayG at 6am, i would’ve given up and just started the day on ZERO sleep. unless i just decided to make it a 4 day weekend #
  • @danbenjamin like a lot of movies in the past 1-2 years, i thought first 2/3 great, last third meh (e.g. IAL, wall-e) #
  • this is next level ukelele mess right here: #
  • @danbenjamin i ordered from OWC a few years back, was fine back then #
  • himym dvd s3 upscaled to 1080i looks decent #

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