Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-11:

  • i’m TRYING to buy a uke, but can’t get my hands on one! #
  • bought a cheapy, if i really get into it, i’ll get myself a nice one for christmas #
  • can’t always be on me #
  • @gruber maybe he’s prepping for life post election, try to mend a few fences while he has a chance #
  • working on creative project #2 #
  • started creative project #1 already. staring personal growth project 1 tomorrw #
  • do i want a uke bc it’s me? haha, dumb pun #
  • @AmyJane weezer blue makes me sad to see weezer now, shell of what it was (i still get every album tho) #
  • Listening to wife get her eye exam. A or B? #
  • This eye doc is JANKY! #
  • Fuck! Forgot to set TiVo for the red river shootout and I definitely won’t be home til later in the day #
  • I’m looking at a Korean ad for an American (mcdonalds) burrito funny stuff #
  • Can’t set TiVo via iPhone. Argh missing game #
  • At Korean buffet even the normal urinal is low to the ground haha they are short (I’m 100% Korean but am tall) #
  • Finally home to watch Texas drive for td recording 2nd half have to leave again #
  • Great Nike football ad with LDT and Polamalu #
  • @LindsayG cool, i was going to go to the corn maze soon too #
  • @gruber a lot of ppl had an eye on her for the future, bringing her out like this, in 2008, her national (and likely local) career over #
  • going for a run, at the very least to DC then either back (or metro home) #
  • @ayn nah! only like 4 miles, so prob there and back #

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