Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-13:

  • i do not feel well have to recover in time to spend day with inlaws tomorrow. #
  • amazon has something for me in laurel, tomorrow’s not a UPS holiday right? #
  • wifey wants to get into gossip girl… i guess i can’t avoid it #
  • – Sleepy monty #
  • At colonial Williamsburg at blacksmith oh: so do you know anything about samurai swords? #
  • Left the past. It’s not as cool as I wished of course expectations set by the old reading rainbow ep set here #
  • @myzuk not first time but way less to actually do than I remember. But yes on busch gatdens #
  • @myzuk oh and I can still now today enjoy air and space #
  • hmm ones new both are small #

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