Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-14:

  • fingers raw, plink plink. and learning “righty” even though my pref is lefty (at least for this) just so it’s a bit ore “universal” #
  • @LindsayG (= plink plink!! #
  • new MB is hot, and what i wanted when i got my BMB, but nothing that makes me want to upgrade (at least not til 10.6) #
  • @LindsayG lucky ducky! #
  • @ryanblock question becomes whether you want to lug around 1lbs and 1.7″ more. #
  • @peterrojas i’m with you 100%, tho they do look better with the backlighting on #
  • i actually use target disk mode enough that i’m sad new macbooks don’t have fw #
  • wow, refund for black buds for an ipod? sheesh #
  • @CarolLiang between you and @ayn making me hungry for some home cookin’ #
  • @gruber well no TDM in the Air right? #
  • @ayn if only she twittered, well i could txt her i suppose. haha #

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