Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-15:

  • the more i look at the new MB/MBP the less i want one. #
  • but there’s no denying they are impressive in a lot of ways and in line with apple design dna, just not what i want exactly #
  • as much as black/alum is the apple design dna, the new lappers look like a colorware job more than the integrated look of the imacs #
  • Tired hope my two cuppas will carry me today. And despite fun Twittering I’m going for a run and TiVoing the debate tonight #
  • Oh but running will suck today 2 days of jump rope workouts (which wifey killed me in) have thrashed my arches and calves #
  • woot “the professional” now on hulu #
  • chewing gum constantly, while not the best habit, has replaced the biting/chewing on fingernails/hangnails. #
  • $5 off $25 purchase at wholefoods, via @slashfood #
  • kind of dreading going running tonight #

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