Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-16:

  • )= my IEM remote (at least shures) don’t control itunes on my macbook like it would on the new ones #
  • apple remote buds don’t control it either. )= not a reason to upgrade, but still #
  • @ayn on the new macbooks/pros? yeah apparently remote works and mic works too. at least per @jsnell #
  • i thought mccain did okay tonight, minus his lack of facial control and that he was breathing so hard into his mic during obama’s time #
  • he didn’t answer questions really, but nothing new there. i think he think’s he really took it to obama though. #
  • i also can’t believe he kept saying “pro-abortion” #
  • @ayn you couldn’t help yourself. setup from scratch #
  • retweeting @technotheory haha #
  • sleep…….. (getting jealous of @ayn’s new mbp) #
  • Two days of jumping rope and a day later my shoulders are still thrashed #
  • days like today i want to start blogging again. #
  • i wish i had known yesterday: #
  • i could really get into hype machine, but on the other hand it is a little overwhelming #
  • recidivist! started gnawing on 1 hangnail and 1 fingernail, have popped 2 sticks of gum to avoid. #

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