Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-17:

  • oh man, i’m beat today… today will be my 1 day off of working out this week (or maybe i’ll just do pushups at home) #
  • totally blew off mccain on dave and biden on leno. what could i possibly learn? though @gruber seems to think dave/mccain going well #
  • @javabeans have to not have it around. Tough I know bc ramen is like Asian mac and cheese ultimate comfort food #
  • of course he would, but jobs uses the “sent from my iphone” signature on his iphone email haha, #
  • @peterrojas & @ryanblock wow, dropped gdgt early today #
  • @peterrojas that’s just crazy. #
  • i just missed the chance to photograph (with iphone) leftover balls of wasabi the size of baseballs #
  • @peterrojas of course easy to remember the bubble just talking to most of my friends almost none of whom do the twitter (tho all on fb) #
  • @peterrojas increasingly surprising to me. even if not a user of digg, or reader of gawker or engadget, etc, should at least have heard of #
  • in no way is working on sat better than working on fri and sat, but considering it, if only so i can leave earlier today than i planned #
  • – cruel 2 b kind dc, a kill ’em with kindness assassination game this sat. might be worth pics/vid via @dcist #
  • my iphone randomly resets the watched indicator on my videos. things that were watched now marked as new. weird. #
  • bc i haven’t been paying attention, i just learned that david fincher directed my current fave commerical (nike football, LDT, polamalu) #
  • linkage to said commerical: #
  • – Inside-out. #

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