Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-19:

  • @iamshimone atonement was different than i thought it was based on the trailer/ads for it. #
  • @ryanblock come on, at least worth a purchase. godfather! #
  • for all the talk about how this country’s progressed on the verge of having a black pres, this race has sure let the hate come to thesurface #
  • @myzuk forget non-christian, you could build up enough jewish or muslim votes eventually. ever see an atheist/agnostic pres? never #
  • @myzuk dunno, but kind of like gay, it’s easier to get votes local for gay/atheist/agnostic, but i don’t think it’ll EVER happen nationally #
  • arabic, chinese (mandarin), french, german, italian, japanese, portugeuese (bra), spanish (latin am, spain). which do i want to learn first? #
  • damn cowboys, damn #
  • @ayn wear that crazy heavy flannel you just got #
  • rewatching casino royale. excited for QOS #
  • @MacDivaONA can’t wait for gladwell’s book. have had it pre-ordered at ama for awhile, next month. #

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