Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-20:

  • today has been a fairly shitty day. not a bad day, but as wasted sunday kind of #
  • youtube kills my macbook, fans a blowin’ maybe it’s a sign to get a new mbp #
  • personally i dont care about colin powell’s endorsement. way to jump on the wagon when it’s so far ahead dude #
  • emotional eating! only when i’m angry or annoyed. #
  • @ayn fuck it, WAY too late in the game for me to care. his endorsement now carries no weight #
  • @ayn the only good thing he said was the bit about muslims and how religion shouldn’t be a disqualier #
  • just burned my emotional eating food, so now i’m just settling for a banana #
  • @ayn haha, the whole “fam” upgraded to pro machines. nice #
  • huge diff between BR rips and DVD rips even after masses of conversion and cross-conversion. #
  • @LindsayG i’d miss you! #
  • from on mbp’s kbd “And the keys are curved to perfectly fit fingers.” is this true? i thought the chiclet keys were flat like MB’s #
  • warming up to a new mbp rather than new mb #
  • @fimoculous I had a pumpkin spice latte last night. I drink 1 per year #
  • have decided today to set up my macbooks with software to auto capture isight images (or movies) to see what monty does all day #
  • – Nice orange to end the day #
  • now we can all be like @peterrojas, or try to be kind of. #
  • i’m starting to convince myself to buy a macbook pro now, after steadfastly deciding to not upgrade until 10.6 dropped. #

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