Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-21:

  • i wonder if i would take post processing pics more seriously if i had an mbp (larger screen) and maybe a kbd/mouse #
  • (oh and also a working knowledge of photoshop!) #
  • i’m a little annoyed to be seeing “zack & miri” ads and not “zach & miri make a porno” ads #
  • i just rewatched and amy poehler’s sarah palin raps jumps ahead of lazy sunday and the natalie portman raps #
  • @iamshimone love TDM, too bad apple seemingly moving away from FW support. #
  • @myzuk yeah its all very annoying #
  • hmm, been “finishing backup” for awhile now. TM argh! #
  • yesterday gmail reset my avatar and my custom status messages. whatevs #
  • i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i’m not a serious news junkie, but olbermann using the “good night and good luck” line is no good #
  • full after a black bean salad #
  • gossip girl gots to be one of the most ridiculous shows ever. seriously #
  • going to start trying to survive on about an hour less sleep. not sure how it’ll go #
  • – Add a dash of red #
  • ugh, my hip is clicking and stiff like i’m some 60 year old. have to put in at least a few miles tonight though. damn… #

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