Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-22:

  • given how many pics i take with iphone, i might spend $5 on this via @gruber (df) #
  • @gruber, perhaps due to the traffic/sales from your post on camerabag, price dropped from $5 to $3. #
  • well day 1 of less sleep has kicked off. and i did get less sleep, though not as planned and i’m none too happy about it #
  • damn, fell off the wagon. time to get back on #
  • via @jkottke click colors and get interestingness photos from flickr. awesome juice #
  • my friend, who’s a nurse, has me paranoid that i might either have a torn labrum in my hip or no cartilage (arthritis). damn. #
  • – That time of day #
  • how did “text me the address” and it’s variations not pick up across the nation if gossip girl is so popular? or has it and i’m just old? #
  • 90% of the time i chew my gum like an a-hole (e.g. two a-holes XYZ sketch on snl) #

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