Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-23:

  • @CarolLiang I’ve been on an insane quinoa kick lately. Been making a big pot of it 2x/week #
  • @KPB they sell fat tire around here?I’ve not seen it. #
  • @CarolLiang super easy to make. i just eat it, but you can use it in place of rice #
  • @CarolLiang 2 cups water or broth to 1 cup quinoa. water to boil, add quinoa boil for 15-20 min remove from heat #
  • @CarolLiang let cool a bit, add stuff (i do peppers, corn), lime juice or vinegar, a splash of olive oil #
  • @CarolLiang stuff to add can be almost anything. oh and salt and pepper to taste #
  • @ayn well are those static films or adhesive? #
  • @DCTenor1 you’re really going to BTO a mac? why not just get the base and upgrade yourself, way cheaper and easy to do? #
  • make your baby, the easy way #
  • make your baby the easy, less fun, way: via @hapak #
  • oh me and gisele do NOT have an attractive kid… #
  • american classic workwear (of sorts) is popular and fashionable again: which is not news to sufu, etc #
  • @DCTenor1 cool, i hadn’t looked at the upgrade price, just made the assumption based on the norm RAM upgrade crazy #
  • monty’s got a teeth cleaning appt with the vet tomorrow. and unrelated, i’m starving #
  • @DCTenor1 i think that’s a reflection on ddr3 prices not apple. 4gb ddr2 is 60-80 vs 225 for apple for white macbook. #
  • @gruber “we do it all up front and in public. that’s the way freedom is and we wouldn’t change it in a minute” great line for then for now #
  • poor monty’s going to be thirsty, nothing to drink after midnight until after his teeth are cleaned #
  • @jsnell when i got it up and running i’m a big fan of boxee on atv, and it ran stuff off my mac via unPnP great #
  • i think the 3 disc wall-e edition (digicopy) is an attempt by ama to get ppl to cancel the crazy 3 for 2 deal mistake #
  • @danbenjamin on g4? scifi? i want to rewatch in HD as i didn’t have HD until s2 i think, or latter half of s1. #
  • – One bright spot #
  • whenever i see other mac desktops all their drives are nicknamed personal things. mine are things like “media” “backup” i feel uncool #
  • damnit, 2nd day in a row, fell off the wagon… )= argh #

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