Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-24:

  • Jalepenos at dinner so hot lip flesh is burning!!! #
  • @KPB if you ever do, let me know and i’ll reward you with a case of it or something (= #
  • @ayn so did you wipe the data, clean install of osx and then the additional software? #
  • damn @greggrunberg 1 hour 271 followers #
  • @greggrunberg iphone apps: twitterific, twitterlator prob best bets #
  • why am i updating on my computer via the web and not t’rrific? dunno, twitter was just open #
  • back to t’rrific! #
  • My iPhone be resetin my videos so they are new even after been watched yo #
  • @tstarks33 pales in comparison to @bettydraper #
  • woot friday off! but i had to wake up “early” bc monty’s got to get to the vet for his teeth cleaning #
  • any suggestions on which webkit nightly build to run? or just the latest one? #
  • ack FF kbd shortcuts ingrained in my brain (at least what i do use) need to work on safari (and camino if diff) #
  • i wake up this morning REALLY wanting a new computer when i have next to no need for one (well not 100% true, but very little need) #
  • Always feel so guilty when I leave monty at the vet #
  • ugh, covered in foreign dog hair from the vet #
  • i really want to redo my entire and all my bookmarks, i’m in an organizing mood today. but i also want to sit on the couch… #
  • and play madden all day #
  • via @gruber osx v. vista battery life tho i though in vista the new mbps were limited to high gpu (hence lower bat #
  • no joke i’m literally fighting to keep myself from buying a new mbp today… and i hardly use my computer at home anymore (long days at work #
  • and i want a new AeBS for gigabit even though nothing important is wired for me #
  • hey, i’m just trying to save teh economy by buying myself into the poorhouse #
  • sigh really wanting new mbp today. #
  • @iamshimone too bad, the migration assistant is great, but i always opt for clean install and run around looking for app licenses #
  • @LindsayG what are you running? i started trying to run regularly again, but am having hip pains #
  • 3g down in DC? Or just me? #
  • @iamshimone I’m always scared of that and I use the opportunity to get rid of apps I don’t use but I hate reinstalling all I do use. #
  • In no particular order: languages, write more, ukulele, workout, read more. #
  • @iamshimone I don’t use entourage but have read on numerous occasion that it craps out at about 4gb mail db just beware #
  • @joshuatopolsky haha showing up gdgt!!!! #
  • @ayn awesome man. Good shit. I’m still rocking non gigabit aebs #

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