Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-25:

  • @LindsayG ooooh o.y.w only ftw!!! #
  • i wish tivo had a “remind me” feature #
  • @LindsayG congrats!!!! #
  • tesla sedan is the fuckin’ heat of 1000 suns #
  • 3 days, 2 whole foods and i’m STILL without quinoa, it’s like buying the iphone 3g all over again #
  • despicable #
  • #
  • oh yeah, you know it #
  • no joke, fighting fighting not to just go pick up an mbp today…. retail therapy of sorts i guess #
  • @iamshimone oh there will be no remorse til i get my bank statement or cc bill (= #
  • someone won the mega millions a few days ago, back down to the starting jackpot, grr, should’ve been me! #
  • @iamshimone and you are as bad as @ayn for my wallet #
  • “looks like real cool japanese girl” #
  • trying to find the most simple cookie recipe (flour, water, butter, eggs, sugar with either maple syrup or honey) #
  • @myzuk simple as in don’t need a lot. i have sugar, flour, butter, eggs, milk, honey, maple syrup (do have mixer of sorts) #
  • @myzuk yeah was looking at them. picking one of THOUSANDS now #
  • it’s absolutely irrational my desire of the new mbp, not even bc i don’t need, but more bc i have problems with some of the design cues #
  • achieved one of my goals for weekend, unfortunatley the least productive one (catch up on heroes and mad men) (yeah heroes = done!) #
  • amazing how much monty’s breath DOESN’T stink since getting his teeth cleaned #
  • set up, not sure if i’ll use it. #
  • been on safari (nightly webkit) all day. nice. not sure how much better than ff for my usage #
  • keep on looking at pics of the black kbd to make me not want that mbp… (= #

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