Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-26:

  • it would look ridic with the black bezel, but i like the look of white keys + alum of the apple kbd so much more than the black +alum of mbp #
  • @LindsayG it’s all about 98% on what level difficulty? (= though i’m sure you are a master #
  • wow if palin is going rogue bc she thinks mccain camp has sunk her reputation, she sure is doing a bang up job of ruining it herself #
  • i miss chappellle show #
  • wonder how much of snl had to be redone due to poehler pumping out that kind today? #
  • am looking forward to weekend update, i think seth meyers could handle it solo and not sure who on the cast would fill nicely #
  • sudekis? wiig? anyone but casey wilson or whatever her name is #
  • fuck it, making cookies, see y’all in an hour #
  • @iamshimone is that the david allen greer show? or the DL hughley show? #
  • – More of these to come tomorrow #
  • meyers doing okay, but robocall was way too long #
  • “feel like a dummy yet?” #
  • who really thought these fuckin bk shroom and swiss commcercials were a good idea #
  • i really hope i creamed the butter enough or the cookies (shortbread really) are ruined #
  • will jeremy sisto and anthony anderson be the end of law and order? #
  • wifey’s disappointed and shocked how bad chris martin sounds live vs cd #
  • weird i’ve finally seen a pic of the mbp where i dont hate the black keyboard. bad sign #
  • one rzn not to upgrade computers, i dont want to have to reapply korean character stickers to a kbd #
  • and i dont want to have to custom cut clear skins to protect high traffic keys #
  • three songs for coldplay? is this bc cutting poehler sketches? #
  • seriously 4 songs? okay thanks for cutting that off #
  • Shortbread cookies are dry like pretzels or saltines. But not bad for my first go round and only second time making cookies #
  • @LindsayG impossible for anyone not a 10 year old savant #
  • – He’s sleeping I’m finishing my cookies #
  • kobe arod tony hawk michael phelps in GH world tour commercial, weird #
  • a win is a win, but i’m not satisfied with a 13-9 win #
  • damn, the minefield beta with tracemonkey is friggin fast. #
  • playing around with cs3, lightroom, and aperture #
  • i thought when you minimized a qt mov, the “thumbnail” in the dock kept playing the vid (just tiny like)? not the case with the side dock? #

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