Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-10-29:

  • i want to do nanowrimo in either textmate or pages. any suggestions for which? (i don’t want to use word for whatever reason) #
  • Does greg oden have a Dominican birth certificate? No way he’s not 44. He looks older than lebron. #
  • @DCTenor1 that sucks man. Did the partner already bail? #
  • No joke I really want sham-wow. “you know the Germans always make good stuff.” #
  • just put down a small bag of reece’s pieces. )= #
  • Ah phlegm and nasal congestion. The joys of dairy in my lunch #
  • @jsnell but you are 100% correct #
  • @LindsayG monday or thurs #
  • @KPB FF is so incredibly good. the bacon “bits” are HUGE as are portions. #
  • @gruber could he expect conformity from a maverick?!?! she out mavericked the maverick #
  • wife just confused $49M with 49M korean won (in 1995 exchange rate) #
  • fuck, my two close friends just got mbps and both are bellweathers for my purchases #

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