Movie review: Taken


This movie is action packed. Everyone says it’s what happens to Jack Bauer of 24 in 10 years or so and that is dead on. Liam Neeson plays a former CIA operative who gave up the life to try to create, or re-create, a relationship with his daughter.

Maggie Grace plays Neeson’s daughter who is kidnapped by gangsters as part of human trafficking ring. Neeson goes to get her back. Liam Neeson simply lays waste to everyone in his way. This movie isn’t particularly innovative, but it is action packed. In fact it’s pretty cliched, but it’s good in the way 24 was good early on.

This is a great role for Neeson. In fact, I think it’s the kind of role that I think Jason Statham will/should play in a few years. I realize this isn’t much of a review (neither was my last one), but this isn’t much of a movie other than a taut action thriller. If you’re into action movies, watch this flick.

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