Movie review: Eagle Eye

[Blu-ray | DVD | DVD (2 disc SE)]

Good lord what a stupid movie. This movie is just ridiculous. Off a semi-competent concept, it’s just idiotic. Why is the computer so stylized? This movie was better when the computer was the NSA and Shia LaBeouf was Will Smith and this movie was called Enemy of the State [Blu-ray | DVD | DVD (SE)].

Let me first note, the sound design on this blu-ray is crazy. I mean I suppose it’s good for cinematic viewing or something. But parts are WAY too loud. And you turn it down and other parts are too quiet. This movie is like an ad for that old smart volume feature on TVs.

A movie hasn’t relied on so many PERFECT circumstances since The Game. This movie was also better when Shia was Will Smith in I, Robot [Blu-ray | DVD | DVD (2 disc CE)]. So HAL from 2001 [Blu-ray | DVD], the robot from War Games [DVD | Video on Demand], and the Axiom computer from Wall-E [Blu-ray (3 disc) | Blu-ray (2 disc) | DVD (3 disc) | DVD] all got together to kill the President and needed not one but TWO Shia’s to get that shit done. Yeah. Okay. And simple brute force to derail this computer that can get to and control anything networked.

A slick looking movie, but so incredibly stupid. PQ was also mixed. I’m sad I lost time watching this movie.

Oh, Shia was alright, Michelle Monaghan was pretty nothing, Rosario’s good looking and about nothing else, Chiklis is meh, Embry looks thick, Billy Bob is more ridiculous than he was in Armageddon [DVD].

I’m sad I lost two hours or whatever on this movie.

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