Movie review: Gran Torino

Let’s start with the growl. Only because he’s older is it even, however slightly, passable. As opposed to, say, Christian Bale’s Batman voice.

Is it bad that I’m saddest for the dog?

This movie is terrible. The only slightly okay performance is the guy who plays the young priest.

It was a fairly obvious ending, but I loved the angry/disappointed look on the family’s faces when the kid got the car.

I REALLY need more Clint Eastwood singing. Umm, yeah, I’m very much kidding.

The dialog was bad, the acting was bad. I don’t understand what’s good about this movie. I can make arguments to forgive a lot of things (like why does the gang want the cousin to join the gang so badly or why the neighborhood will testify against the gang when the priest said they didn’t talk), but why bother? Only worth excusing good movies. And this was not it. I really feel like I wasted time watching this.

I don’t even know where to go with this movie. I mean it’s really bad. So bad that my normally unorganized thoughts/review is even more so this time around.

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