Movie review: The Incredible Hulk

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I’ve only seen the Ang Lee Hulk [Blu-ray | DVD] in bits and pieces as it aired on television, so I can’t really compare this to that. I thought this movie was okay. I didn’t quite understand the second plot point of General Ross pursuing Banner to get his Hulk-ness or whatever, since he clearly had some sort of magic juice to make soldiers all kinds of hyped.

If I were Ed Norton, I wouldn’t have been fighting so much to have my name on the script. I didn’t quite buy his post-Hulk Banner. I thought William Hurt as General Ross was better than Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane. Though I thought maybe the role needed more of a moral quandary for him picking between his weapon and his daughter. Liv Tyler was serviceable. I recently watched her in The Strangers and she sure can scream, but I don’t know if anyone does a plaintive whisper better than her. Tim Blake Nelson played his usual kind of offbeat guy. Wasn’t sure about Tim Roth as the British special forces guy. I mean he had the attitude down, but dunno. And if he was such a long-standing special forces guy, I suppose I could make the argument that he is used to acting independently, etc., but I’d also think that he’d have a real respect for, if not a whole chain of command, the very top ring of said chain.

The movie was okay. The visuals were alright. I can’t say that I thought the CGI was integrated seamlessly, but it looked alright.

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