Movie review: Rachel Getting Married

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First off, Bill Irwin, the father, is excellent. But on some level he will always be the dancing FBI agent from My Blue Heaven [DVD]. The performances in this movie are so incredible. Top to bottom, from the leads to the small bit parts, everyone played this pitch perfect. The dysfunction feels so real, so painful, the wounds this family has suffered are right there under and then above the surface. And yet, the love they have for each other, the worry, the concern is all there too. And none of it feels far fetched or contrived.

I’ve never been part of a group quite this dysfunctional, but it all feels right. I don’t have these kinds of problems in my family, but I can understand the hurt and simultaneous love. I don’t quite have the words. I think this movie didn’t get its due during the award season. I don’t know how often I’d rewatch this movie, but I’m honestly consider buying it. I could just keep my Netflix copy forever, but there are too many movies on my queue to sacrifice a spot like that.

I compare movies to other movies all the time. The feelings they give me and such. This movie, in a way reminds me of Revolutionary Road. I think this movie is better than Revolutionary Road (though I did enjoy that movie). It’s just in both I think the feelings, the relationships, while representing extremes, are real. You can just feel it. It makes for a lovely movie, even when almost uncomfortable. In fact, I think Rachel Getting Married amplifies it by using a videography/cinema verite/documentary camera style. You feel like you are intruding on this family.

Wow. Just wow.

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