Movie review: Shattered

[ DVD]

This was a pretty typical twist thriller. It pretty much jumps right into the random violence, what’s-going-on-here thrill ride. I didn’t really get the tense feeling of time and necessity required of this kind of movie. The ending was a little bit of a surprise. The “first” ending was only a mild surprise, then the “second” ending was a bit more surprising. It’s a bit unrealistic to think someone would go through all of this as a “simple” revenge setup. Then I think, “maybe not.” Maybe rich people are just crazy when left to their own devices and such.

If I didn’t get the necessary tension from this movie, I guess that says what it needs to about the performances by Maria Bello, Gerard Butler, and Pierce Brosnan, the plot, and the dialogue. It was passable. Might be able to pass an afternoon with it on, but not something I’d make an effort to see. Even if the effort is putting in my Netflix queue (which I obviously did, otherwise I’d not have reviewed it). Even so, umm, yeah, buy it via that Amazon affiliate link above. As Principal Skinner once said, “Prove me wrong, children, prove me wrong.”

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