Movie review: Duplicity

For some reason I don’t think the reunion of Clive Owen and Julia Roberts was as big a deal as when she got back with Richard Gere and Hector Elizondo in Runaway Bride [DVD]. Duplicity is a clever caper-romance movie. Though for an entertaining caper flick, it certainly moves at a leisurely pace. I’m not sure exactly what it was though. Perhaps the stylized split screen transitions? Or maybe the repetitive nature of the dialogue? Whatever the reason it felt every minute of it’s roughly 2 hour run time.

Julia Roberts seems to have a love/hate thing going for her. In these binary terms, I fall in the love camp. I think she’s not a great actress, nor is she drop dead gorgeous. But I think she’s just very winning. Very likable. While she plays one of the main characters, I don’t think the role is as juicy as Clive Owens’s character. He’s allowed to play a large range of emotions and manages to make them believable. Also, for what it’s worth, the man can wear a suit, and while I’m a fan of Daniel Craig’s Bond, I think Clive Owens would’ve been great in the role as had been rumored pre-Craig.

Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti are excellent as they usually are. Giamatti really bites into his role, chews a little scenery, but that’s okay. Wilkinson plays the kind of character his character in Michael Clayton [Blu-ray | DVD] died at the hands of. Wow, that was kind of a shitty sentence. And instead of fixing it, I’m just adding rambling commentary about the poor quality of my writing.

Anyways, kind of slow, but entertaining. Sort of a Mr. and Mrs. Smith [Blu-ray | DVD] meets the Ocean series [Blu-ray | DVD].

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