Sky lantern

I really want to go and witness this in my lifetime. And the northern lights. Both on my list. I’ve looked into buying some online, or maybe making some, and flying them myself at home, but (a) doesn’t look as cool and (b) it’s probably some kind of fire hazard. I actually have wanted to do something like this for a great part of my life, as I read about something similar in my childhood in the “The New Adventures of the Mad Scientists’ Club (Mad Scientist Club)”. Or maybe it was the original “The Mad Scientists’ Club (Mad Scientist Club)”. Whatevs. There was something like this in one of those books. And the in the Leo DiCaprio movie The Beach [DVD]. Anyways, want to see with my own eyes. Or at least my own eyes, my Flip Video Ultra, or maybe my (soon hopefully) Canon EOS 5D Mark II (or whatever camera I have with me at the time).

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