Movie review: Elegy


I think Netflix must have an exclusive on the blu-ray of this movie because I can’t find the blu-ray anywhere save Netflix. Not that I’d know since Netflix deems it necessary to Long Wait or Very Long wait any blu-ray in my queue that is relatively new. So HD on Netflix Watch Instantly it is.

How does Sir Ben Kingsley get to be in movies where he beds such younger women. I mean here it’s Penelope Cruz (though he also was with the great Patricia Clarkson). In The Wackness [Blu-ray | DVD] he got with whichever of the Olsen twins was in that movie.

I thought this movie was pretty good. I can’t speak to how true it is, but the situation feels true enough. An older man involved with various women, dealing with falling in love. The situation, the age difference, his life making him doubt the very life he’s created. You could buy that Penelope Cruz could actually love him and then be broken hearted by him. Not experiencing or dealing with the same issues he dealt with. Though another dead end love for her named David (see Vanilla Sky [DVD]).

I think Dennis Hopper and Peter Sarsgaard played pitch perfect roles of the lothario friend and the troubled son respectively.

Kingsley was great in this. The drudgery of his time post love, post friendship, kind of post life. They were all so subtle, all very deep, but all played out on the surface. The reappearance of Penelope’s character is a surprise and sad.

The pace of the movie really slows down in the third act. But I don’t think it’s a problem. It kind of fits the mood of the film at that point.

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