Movie review: Confessions of a Superhero


This documentary follows four of the performers in superhero costumes on Hollywood Blvd. Superman (Christopher Dennis), Batman (Maxwell Allen), Wonder Woman (Jennifer Wenger), and the Hulk (Joseph McQueen). This documentary ostensibly follows these characters and interviews them to get some depth and insight into their psyches, but it didn’t really accomplish that mission. There were a few detours into the reasoning of the individuals, but for the most part it kind of followed them around being themselves without much in the way of change, story, or anything. Though I suppose that could be the story. These individuals trying to scratch out the dreams of Hollywood and failing miserably, but hoping beyond hope that being these costumed heros on Hollywood Blvd. for the tourists will lead to the big break they so desperately seek.

It’s kind of a sad look into these peoples’ lives, but then again, I’d imagine many/most documentaries kind of are.

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