Movie review: Bolt

[Blu-ray | DVD]

So a lot of people raved about this movie. And it was supposed to be Disney’s first Pixar movie, but not Pixar movie. I can definitely see the second part of those two sentiments, but not so much the first. Maybe it’d be different if I saw it in theatres on the big screen or 3-D.

The animation was amazing. The base of the story was interesting. But it had to be like 2-3 movies in one. The “Truman Show” [Blu-ray | DVD] part, the [insert name of animal buddy road trip movie here] part, and then the action movie reunion part. I thought they kind of short changed the middle part with the little kiddie animation dotted line on the map bit.

On the whole it was enjoyable, but it definitely was a step below Pixar movies.

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