Movie review: Lakeview Terrace

[Blu-ray | DVD]

Okay, so Sam L. hates white people and holds a serious grudge. There’s your movie for you. For a movie where that’s the basic plot, I don’t think they really took advantage of the situation to really get more great Sam L. yelling scenes. While I don’t think Lakeview Terrace was really trying to hit home any racial arguments, it was so superficial. I mean the race conflict was so surface. Hell, Guess Who [DVD] did a better job dealing with interracial relationships.

Perhaps the one aspect I thought this movie really did well was to show the stress on a relationship. How so many arguments between Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington devolved into a basic single foundation. Otherwise, not much else. I mean not even the hijinks Sam L. inflicts on Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington are all that inventive or fun. It just seemed to be a movie that was on a loop for 75%, then added on a “tense” ending. I wasn’t that impressed.

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