Movie review: RocknRolla

[Blu-ray | DVD]

A return to form for Ritchie? I suppose. I was in the minority by thinking Revolver [Blu-ray | DVD] wasn’t THAT bad. Clearly not up to par with Ritchie’s early stuff, but not entirely unwatchable. This movie was more in line with Snatch [Blu-ray | DVD] and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels [DVD]. I did kind of miss Statham in this movie, though Gerard Butler did well.

The typical Ritchie convoluted plot filled with a circle of crime and mishaps was in full effect. Almost too much. But I didn’t mind it too much. Though you almost know what’s going to happen, even if you don’t know the details, just by knowing Ritchie’s MO. Sort of like you always know to expect a “twist” in an M. Night movie.

I thought the acting was great. I know he’s British, but weird to hear Idris Elba speaking with a British accent. I guess he’ll always be Stringer Bell to me. Tom Wilkinson proved he can play all roles. To go all James Lipton, he’s an absolute treasure. Across the board I didn’t think there was really a bad performance.

Hopefully this return to form means good things for Ritchie’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes film. Anyways, should definitely check this movie out. I hope the end note about the “sequel” James Bond style really happens, as I could watch a movie about this world with these characters some more.

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