Movie review: Two Days in April

IMDB: Two Days in April

This is a pretty straightforward documentary about the NFL draft. It follows four players as they prepare for the draft. There was some legal issues keeping it from release, but all of that is boring. Of the four players, one had high draft position hopes and the rest were going to be late first day picks, or so they hoped.

The preparation part of the documentary was pretty simple. I think it’s not a big mystery that these guys go through inordinate amounts of training in preparation for the Senior Bowl, the Combine, or pro days on campus. The most riveting part of the documentary was watching the players and the families of the players watch the draft. Name after name being called and just waiting. And how heart breaking it was that they kept getting passed over. And the relief and jubilation that came with finally being selected.

This is a pretty good documentary for football fans. And the drama of the end makes it a decent documentary for non-football fans as well.

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