Movie review: Choke


I kind of grew out of reading Chuck Palahnuik novels awhile ago. So I never read Choke. But I was excited when I heard it was becoming a movie. It came out in theatres to what seemed like lackluster reviews. I guess now that I’ve seen it, rightly so.

The movie kind of meanders its way to the end. It was written and directed by Clark Gregg and was definitely not as tight of a movie as Fight Club [DVD]. Of course that one was helmed by David Fincher. I just felt this movie didn’t really go anywhere. The flashback scenes seemed useless. I mean they showed the kind of nomad/fugitive life that created Sam Rockwell’s character, but just seemed to be there. Nothing about this movie really stood out to me. I know it’s not much of a review, but it just seemed like a bit of a lackluster effort all around.

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