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The World of Fashion: Pixel Perfect: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

The World of Fashion: Pixel Perfect: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker
Pascal Dangin is the premier retoucher of fashion photographs. Art directors and admen call him when they want someone who looks less than great to look great, someone who looks great to look amazing, or someone who looks amazing already—whether by dint of DNA or M·A·C—to look, as is the mode, superhuman. Christy Turlington, for the record, needs the least help.

Emphasis mine.  I love Christy Turlington.

link from Kottke.

Even if I was uber into the pics

And taking the pics, and in some artsy art school, I’d not buy and wear these bracelet.



But I present them here for you dear reader, in case your fashion sensibilities don’t lie exactly in line with my own.  Just thinking about it though.  If I was into photography that much (I am into photography, but not that much… well enough to spend money I shouldn’t on gear I really don’t need), wouldn’t wearing these bracelets/cuffs as I’m shooting be the equivalent of wearing a band tshirt to that band’s concert?

re:vision – Designers – Oye Modern

Be Cool

Be a cool hipster…. get a graphic tee at Rumplo.

You can search and whatnot.  There are other, probably better, sites, but I found this one this morning so here it is.  Despite this excellent interview of John Gruber (of Daring Fireball) by Shawn Blanc that, among other things, discusses writing and blogging, I decided to just toss something up this morning without much thought about what it is since I’ve not posted in awhile.

Looking good?

So here are two articles on the new show on Lifetime, “How to Look Good Naked”.  I’m not going to comment on the show as I’ve not seen it.  I likely won’t watch it, especially if what’s written about the show are true.  Suffice it to say, yes media have given women a false ideal of perfection.  Yes, women (and men) as a result suffer from body dysmorphia.  Yes, not hating yourself is a step in the right direction.  But no, some people are overweight and they need to lose some.  They don’t have to be stick thin, but they have to get healthy.  Okay, I’ve already commented more than I wanted to.  The links for you to read and ponder:

TV Squad’s Jay Black’s commentary.

NY Times review.

Less about community, more about conformity

Serious About Style – NY Sun

I’m unabashedly a member (participating in varying degrees) of many of the forums listed in this article.  I don’t know if it’s a function of a certain kind of person looking for what they want joining or a group mentality thing, but many of these forums are a lot about conforming to their particular look.  I suppose that brings a sense of community.  And like any long time community, harder for new people to break into them.  They are an invaluable resource.  It’s just important to keep yourself yourself, rather than just fall lockstep into the aesthetic of the forum.