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Quick scheduling update

Really wanted my Soylent experiment to last a full week ydmq3eq. And while I feel like I’m breaking down and will eat before then, Sunday’s World Cup schedule of South Korea then USA essentially means the outer limit of my first foray into Soylent will be at the max 6.33 days.

I’ve journaled my experience and will write it up. But at this stage seems like Soylent will function for me as a meal replacement rather than food replacement.

Soylent Begins

So I jumped on the <a href="http://www generic” title=”Soylent”>Soylent thing awhile back. I’m superficially interested in the quantified self stuff and the Tim Ferriss stuff and so on and so forth. So I got in on the pre-orders and forgot all about it unless I got random email updates on the status. Well after all of whatever, I finally got my month of the stuff.

I’ll start by saying it’s a lot. A month of this stuff, for some reason I was thinking would be like some huge tub of powder, powdered protein style. Instead it’s a huge box of four big boxes, each full of seven large pouches of powder and seven vials of oil. And an additional box containing the pitcher.

Second point, this air tight pitcher they send, umm, not exactly air tight. Mixed up the stuff per instructions in the pitcher and shook for the 30 seconds recommended. It didn’t fly out everywhere, but there were leaks from the seal in the pitcher.

Those are my initial impressions. I suppose I’ll track my weight (privately), energy (publicly), mood (partially publicly), and food intake (if I eat on top of the Soylent), even if informally, once I start drinking the stuff tomorrow. And I guess I have decided to start tomorrow. I considered starting immediately (i.e. tomorrow), July 1 (for a regular calendar month, even though I only have four weeks of the stuff), or July 7 (giving the holiday weekend of gluttony it’s due).

For a variety of life things, I have fallen off my weekly weekend short runs, but will try to get back into it with the Soylent fuel going, because nothing like putting together a ton of different new things all at once to know what’s really working.

(I’m strongly leaning toward getting a Vitamix, so am looking forward to making up batches in that instead of the pitcher. Also, should I mix in some kale to make it like fake green juice?)

I don’t think I’ll post daily about it, but at least weekly, and maybe ad hoc on twitter.

A better way to tithe

In April’s Men’s Journal Bear Grylls give this little nugget of advice (well he gives plenty, but this one in particular):

I try to give 10 percent of what I earn to friends struggling with their mortgages or somebody who needs a really good holiday. That’s a rule I’ve always followed, and it’s been really good in our lives. Money is like water: If you don’t let it flow, it’s just going to get stagnant.”

I’m all for it. You can paypal me the money. But when/if I start making some bank, I’ll definitely do this. It’s better than giving 10% to some church or whatever to build a fancier church. Maybe not a tax write-off, but not like any kind of generosity or charity should be motivated by tax benefits.