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Monty likes the Apple Store

So we’ve been walking monty around the neighborhood and testing how dog friendly the places are. Of all the places, he seems most calm and relaxed at the Apple Store. Maybe because it’s cooler (temperature and ambiance) or the music. He did okay at Crate & Barrel but got kind of riled up. He enjoyed both, but definitely preferred Apple. Maybe dogs do take after their owners.

I don’t need it (yet)

Monty’s a spry 4 years old (and I mean spry, everyone thinks he’s still a puppy given his energy level, etc).  And some crazy guy with barbeque sauce all over his chin (I so incredibly wish I had taken a picture), while petting Monty for an uncomfortably long time, at the Taste of Arlington 2008, said Monty would live an additional 23 years.  Or maybe it was until he was 23.  Either way that’s WAY longer than miniature schnauzers live on par.  I’m not looking ahead to life sans Monty, but no way I’d get this (maybe, I am a sucker for such things):

digital pet urn

That’s a digital pet urn.  Available from pet-urns.com.  Product description:

With a 7” diagonal screen you can display literally hundreds of your favorite pet and/or human memories. Each digital frame includes a battery operated remote control, a large 256 megabyte internal memory, power supply cord, and USB computer cord for transferring photo’s or audio files from your personal computer to the internal memory.

This urn has two compartments which you access from the removable bottom. The 1st compartment holds the digital frame while the 2nd has 95 cubic inches of space inside, accomodating pets from 0-75 lbs.

Maybe if they added video I’d consider it.  But pics and audio only.  Who has audio recordings of their dogs?  Do they expect people to demux their video for audio and upload that? 

via Gizmodo.

I want this

Dog cam.

This isn’t the first doggie cam.  And there’s a tutorial floating around the internet (a few actually) that show how to make one (though they cost about the same as this).  Or you could just buy a spy camera and attach it to your pet’s collar.

It’d be interesting just to see what Monty does all day.  If you see a new link to “Monty’s Flickr” in my header links, you know I broke down.

Not my bag, baby… (but kind of)

“Dog Meat” Dog T-Shirt > ZenKimchi Korean Fun Store | CafePress

Normally I’m against this sort of joke (my friend’s favorite joke: What do you call a Korean walking 5 dogs? A caterer.). AND I’m against dog clothing (though my dog has 5 items of clothing, I purchased 2, my girlfriend bought Monty 3 things). But I do kind of want this:

dog meat

Monty, get ready

TOKYOMANGO: A Pedometer For Dogs

I’m all over this for my boy Monty.  What’s funny (okay, not really) is that the pic on the site if a mini Schnauzer, which is what Monty is.  Though Monty is not cropped at all (not counting his balls).  Monty’s on the smaller side of the acceptable mini schnauzer range (though apparently he’s HUGE compared to dogs in South Korea).  Since he’s small and my apt is big, I always just figured he got enough exercise.  And it’s not like he’s fat (I’m talking about Fatwick here, I’d post a pic if I had one).  But I want this to make sure he’s moving around enough.  Because I’m a bad owner and don’t take him for long leisurely walks.  I used to take him running 3 miles 5 days a week, but he got TOO skinny and didn’t like doing it during the hot humid Texas summers.

On the other hand, Monty is NOT getting this.  It’s called the Super Catcher and it attaches via a harness to your dog’s ass and catches his poop so you don’t have to scoop it yourself.