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I’m one of those people who are ambivalent about marathons.  It’s something I’d like to do, but it’s not one of those “I have to do once in my lifetime” type things.  And honestly, the thought of running for like 4-5 hours straight is troublesome.  I’d have to have the perfect mix on my iPod, no skipping required.  Of course with a lot of marathons “banning” them, who knows.  At any rate, here’s a list of marathons to run in 2008 courtesy of Runner’s World, via AOL Body.

Marathons to Run in 2008.

I don’t know if I can mentally reconcile a marathon sponsored by PF Chang’s.

But I’d definitely run in (my namesake) marathon: Eugene Marathon.

This is what I do

Dissociation.  It’s what I do when I run.  I focus on a far off object.  I time my breathing to my cadence (though I’ve also read that this is bad for various reasons).  I tell myself to get there, then I just pick another target.  I’m at my best when I’m aiming for something.  I don’t think about the run.  Just concentrate on my breathing, cadence, and target.  However, the second part of the article about mental expectations is also true.  If I plan on running X miles in Y time, I find myself pacing my energy for it.  Like doing what my mind expects and nothing else.  Not that I’ve run recently (being lazy these days, very very lazy).

Only good to open it up

TrailRunner 1.3 with Garmin and Nike Support – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Nice for software to be open to multiple “platforms.”  Though given the weather (and the fact I don’t want to buy cold weather gear for it) all my running is done on a treadmill (which makes for a pretty boring map).  Lately I’ve switched from running for distance at a certain pace, I’ve lowered my pace a bit and have tried to run for longer times.  Two reasons: (1) I’m in the midst of a cutting phase and (2) I’m trying to increase endurance.  (I’ll probably incorporate weekend interval/HIIT training to change it up a bit).

Cool Hunting: BestWorkOutMusic.com

Cool Hunting: BestWorkOutMusic.com

I use Tangerine myself.  Or I would if i really cared.  I just run with my mess on shuffle.  I really should make some workout specific playlists.  I can’t be bothered with such stuff.  The Repacer feature sounds cool though.  Reworking the BPM of a song to fit.  Though I could see how it would totally F things up.

Monty, get ready

TOKYOMANGO: A Pedometer For Dogs

I’m all over this for my boy Monty.  What’s funny (okay, not really) is that the pic on the site if a mini Schnauzer, which is what Monty is.  Though Monty is not cropped at all (not counting his balls).  Monty’s on the smaller side of the acceptable mini schnauzer range (though apparently he’s HUGE compared to dogs in South Korea).  Since he’s small and my apt is big, I always just figured he got enough exercise.  And it’s not like he’s fat (I’m talking about Fatwick here, I’d post a pic if I had one).  But I want this to make sure he’s moving around enough.  Because I’m a bad owner and don’t take him for long leisurely walks.  I used to take him running 3 miles 5 days a week, but he got TOO skinny and didn’t like doing it during the hot humid Texas summers.

On the other hand, Monty is NOT getting this.  It’s called the Super Catcher and it attaches via a harness to your dog’s ass and catches his poop so you don’t have to scoop it yourself.