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800 Days – Galbi Tacos

So in Korea apparently they do anniversary dates (when you’re dating) by 100 day intervals, rather than months or years or whatever (though I suppose people also expect one year celebrations as well). So even though I’m married now (and as far as I’m concerned, only yearly celebrations for that), I’m keeping up with the 100 days things through 1000 and then I’m done with it.

Anyways, so sometimes it’s gifts, sometimes it’s trips, sometimes it’s dinner. It happened to be dinner this time around. I saw a link to Kogi BBQ (via @sidneylo) and wanted to eat some. Now seeing as it’s thousands of miles away, I thought I’d do what I could to replicate it at home.

I should say, I’m pretty much against Asian fusion cooking as it seems to be a fancy way of saying “I’ll do whatever the hell I want and say it’s Asian fusion” and more often than not, it’s rather disappointing. The only real “fusion” food I’ve ever loved in this world is Tex-Mex. As I’m originally from Texas I love Tex-Mex. I’m Korean and love Korean food (what a revelation I know). In the past I’ve done basic kind of mix of these two cuisines just because I’m lazy and was a bachelor. It mostly consisted of cooking bulgogi and tossing in a few spoonfuls of salsa for a little twist.

So anyways, @sidneylo put up the link and I watched this video:

Visit page on mun2

I checked out their site and saw their tacos. Here’s a Skitch with their description of the taco:

Korean Short Ribs | Kogi

A mouth-watering image. So I went about making it myself and here’s the result:

Galbi burrito

The only thing I didn’t make from their description was the garnish. I can’t say it tastes the same or better (or worse for that matter) as I’ve never had Kogi’s food (hell it’s a TACO TRUCK, you have to follow on Twitter here or here to even know where to find the taco truck), but I thought it was good, and more importantly the wife thought it was good.

800 days

I’m not a food snob

Not really.  I can taste the difference between quality food and mass produced things.  Eating crap food usually gives me all sorts of ills.  I don’t begrudge chains.  Yeah food is mediocre and overly sweet, salty, fat filled.  But that’s also why they are generically good.  Maybe things don’t taste awesome, but they taste good in a comfortable way.  So I still go to chains and such.  But this Esquire piece reviewing Outback Steak house (the review ends saying it’s not bad), has the following passage:

The clientele was much like you’d find in any mall food court: freaking enormous. Roll after roll of body fat stuffed into XXL T-shirts and baggy blue jeans. But everyone seemed to be having a grand old time, scarfing platters of cheese fries and baby-back ribs, their piggy children stuffing themselves with Boomerang Cheese Burgers from the “Joey Menu.” (emphasis added)

That passage ALONE makes me want to shun Outback and mall food courts and chain, Americana, “‘s” restaurants (e.g. Applebee’s, TGIFriday’s, etc.).  Despite the “grand old time” it strikes me as this is the exact kind of person I DON’T want to be.  (Nevermind that I almost am already.)

Will I still go to chain places?  Yes.  Will I do it with the same frequency I do now (rarely)?  Nope.

Off the CHARTS!

So there’s a new cocktail tomato: the STRAMATO!  Some Frankfruit, genetically engineered monstrosity (just kidding, I’d eat them) that is the ungodly lovechild of a strawberry and a tomato.  Who’s sweetness not only tops other cocktail tomatoes, it is simply off the charts, immeasurably sweet!  Not just off the charts, but break the m-f’in’ chart all to hell with the ever rising level of sweetness.  (Actually doesn’t sound all that good anymore).



Space Kimchi

I totally understand the need for kimchi.  I used to think my dad was weird for wanting to eat kimchi as soon as we’d get home from a non-Korean restaurant.  But I get older and I understand it more and more.   I was born and raised in the US, but I understand.

Space Kimchi!

nytimes.com - space kimchi
image courtesy NYTimes.com

Another picture:

space kimchi
image courtesy gizmodo

Koreans FTW!

Oh those inventive people of the land of the morning calm.  I’m not the biggest fast food eater (though I do love it so).  But much like that McDonald’s topping pizza, I’d try ALL of this stuff.

The Col-Pop.
image via Serious Eats.  (You can actually get this in the US.  See locations.)

Oh the goodness that is Korean chicken. Mmmm.

Moving on… Instead of pizzas that find ever increasingly crazy ways to add MORE cheese to the pizza, why can’t Pizza Hut in the US come up with ideas like Pizza Hut South Korea?  Introducing the Shrimp Roll Pizza and the Hot Dog Roll Pizza (aka the Royal Crust Pizza).

shrimp roll pizza

hot dog roll
Images via Serious Eats.

Disgusting?  Maybe (well probably).  Unhealthy?  Certainly.  Do I want to try them all?  Most definitely!


Story from the LA Times about a Google employee who’s gained a bit of in-house fame for his reviews of their free gourmet food.  He also notes:

He is careful to measure portions and work out regularly at the Google gym. He does that to avoid the dreaded “Google 15” — a reference to the pounds new employees often put on amid unlimited supplies of free grub

Oh god yes.  I’d imagine people put on weight like nobody’s business at first.  I probably would as I have issues with portion control.  Of course maybe if I was eating gourmet food, I’d be satiated quickly and not want to eat until I’m disgustingly full.  Somehow I doubt it.  Haha, just one more reason for me not to work at Google (not that I could).

Google food article. – LA Times

It’s not as healthy as you think

Healthier than McNuggets though.

Caloric information for sushi.

Let’s see, on the list I get spicy tuna (290 cal, 11g fat, 26g carbs), tuna nigiri (240 cal, 1g fat, 27g carbs), salmon sashimi (164 cal, 6g fat, 0g carbs).  I eat much, much more than just these three things, but even if I ONLY ate this (which would never happen), that’s 694 calories, 18g of fat, 53g carbs.  Sheesh!