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Okay so I’m an asshole

iraq bombing

okay, so this pic was on CNN.com’s main page this afternoon. It’s a scene from after a bombing in Iraq. I’m an asshole because more than people making their way out of wreckage, I think it looks like a wanna be hip hop concert. the guy is beboxing, the lady is air turntabling!

Not my bag, baby… (but kind of)

“Dog Meat” Dog T-Shirt > ZenKimchi Korean Fun Store | CafePress

Normally I’m against this sort of joke (my friend’s favorite joke: What do you call a Korean walking 5 dogs? A caterer.). AND I’m against dog clothing (though my dog has 5 items of clothing, I purchased 2, my girlfriend bought Monty 3 things). But I do kind of want this:

dog meat

We all know it was in dispute for a long time

Active gaming burns more calories, coordination still a concern – Joystiq

But the research has been done!  Being active, even if playing video games, burns more calories that being inactive, even if playing video games!  Scientific texts will have to be rewritten!  New curriculum created to start teaching these REVOLUTIONARY new findings!

Wii want….

orange Alexander … wii death …

Haha, don’t you just love bad pun headlines?  I cannot stand how many people are tossing their Wii-motes!  How are these people even alive?  How is it that they don’t unintentionally let go of the car’s steering wheel while driving?  Especially in games like Wii Tennis.  I mean, do they routinely let their real rackets go while playing actual tennis?  Or is it that 90% of Wii owners have never actually participated in an actual sport….  (I kid… sort of).

All that said, it makes me want this shirt!