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My new favorite NBA player

Is Channing Frye of the New York Knickerbockers.  His “cons” of being tall:


  • Growing up I could never get any of the cool shoes in my size
  • No matter what I wear, unless it’s a basketball jersey, I feel like it’s just not made for people my size (I personally just make it look good)
  • Even though small cars are cool I can’t fit comfortably in any of them. I try and save the earth by conserving gas but I can’t fit in a Subaru or Honda, so I ride in a realy simple Tahoe. I try to do my part.
  • No matter what seat I have on an airplane, unless it’s the team plane, NOTHING is comfortable — absolutely nothing. It’s a mental battle the whole trip trying to keep my knees from the people in front of me smashing them with their seats. I mean, seriously, do you not see the 7-ft man behind you? Do you think it’s cool to slam your chair back on our 330-hr flight?

Other than that, I mean, there really aren’t any other cons. Being tall is great. I love it and wouldn’t change it in the world.

Hilarious.  The blog post with the full list here.

This is what I do

Dissociation.  It’s what I do when I run.  I focus on a far off object.  I time my breathing to my cadence (though I’ve also read that this is bad for various reasons).  I tell myself to get there, then I just pick another target.  I’m at my best when I’m aiming for something.  I don’t think about the run.  Just concentrate on my breathing, cadence, and target.  However, the second part of the article about mental expectations is also true.  If I plan on running X miles in Y time, I find myself pacing my energy for it.  Like doing what my mind expects and nothing else.  Not that I’ve run recently (being lazy these days, very very lazy).

Sideshow Bob’s an idiot

Varejao wants out of Cleveland – SI.com

First of all, it’s the BEST basketball situation he’ll likely EVER be in, playing with Lebron.  Second, no matter how important the Cavs told him he was, there’s not a single person on the planet, except himself, who thinks Anderson Varejao is worth anything in the vicinity of $10-11M/year.  Hell with what he brings to the table, he’s not worth half of that.  I’m all for paying guys who are glue guys.  Who do the things that don’t show up on the stat sheet, but are important.  But unless you bring something else to the table as well, forget getting anything like what Varejao wants.

Lil’ Romeo signs with USC

Lil’ Romeo’s a Trojan – ESPN.com 

“This is the most important thing I’ve had to do and hopefully it sends a message to kids across the country that education is more important than money,” Miller said at the news conference. “Getting a college scholarship is more important than winning an American Music Award, and I plan to be the best student-athlete I can be at USC.”

Okay, he’s the son of a did well for himself rapper/producer.  Via his cribs he had a MBZ hatchbatch before he could even drive.  He’s listed by some as a top 15 PG in the high school ranks.  This post is about none of that.  Yes education is more important than money.  It’s great for him that he’s good enough to get a scholarship with a D-1 school.  But you mean to tell me that he can’t afford to just pay out of pocket and walk on to the team?  Could some other deserving you man better use that scholarship?  Not to say Lil’ Romeo doesn’t deserve it, but he can afford USC (well I’m assuming so, havent’ heard to much out of Master P recently) without scholarship.  Others can’t.  Not like if he walked on, he’d be a real walk-on.

Whitlock dropping the hammer again

AOL’s Jason Whitlock- Time to Stop Looking Past Black KKK – AOL Sports

Whitlock’s final wrap/view of NBA All-Star Weekend.  A good read.

A lot of people thought they took up Ralph Wiley’s post when he passed (I don’t profess to be an expert on Wiley in the slightest), all fail (because who could fill those shoes?). But Whitlock really comes close. It’s a no-holds-barred look at the social impact of sports. I don’t read him regularly, even though EVERY time I do I think I should.

edit (added 2.23.07): I also agree with Dan Shanoff about the article:

Whitlock takes on the “Black KKK”: If only he didn’t compare himself to Rosa Parks for doing it, I might appreciate this column as much as I should.